No, we did not misspell 'affect'. The impact of our community is not a noun. It's a verb. It's a continuous, unwavering effort to positively affect the world around us. To affect our Chicago community is the core value of the Live Grit Community and its athletes. We use the passion, the perseverance and the grit we’ve developed through endurance sports to fight for even bigger goals for our Chicago community. Our 5k races, our half marathons, our triathlons are the training ground for the grit we need to achieve the most important goal...affecting change.

See our current areas of impact below. Have something you are passionate about? It can be a one-day event or a broader cause, share it with us here.

Live Grit Soars

Live Grit Soars is our 501(c)3 youth triathlon organization uses the sport of triathlon to teach youth of Chicago's most underserved communities leadership and grit so they have the tools to overcome the obstacles they will encounter on their journeys to becoming our future leaders.

The Affect: Members of the Live Grit Community coach our youngest athletes to achieving their triathlon, education and life goals. Whether it's supporting the athletes during their training sessions, cheering them on race day or fundraising for gear, the athletes of the Live Grit Community are providing these young athletes with experiences that will help them achieve their full potential.


How do we Affect Change?

Each quarter the Live Grit Community will affect Chicago in a different way. We will be holding giving drives, volunteering our time and actively trying to make the world better. Our focus will rotate as to do the most good we can. If you have a personal cause that you are passionate about, please let us know.

This winter we will be doing a holiday gift drive for at-risk youth in Chicago. We want to make sure all the young athletes we work with have what they need for the winter season and maybe even a few extra fun things. So at this year's fifth annual Grit and Run It 5k on December 1st we will be collecting items for these youth. Stay tuned for a wish list. In the meantime, check out the event below and mark your calendars!


Grit and Run It Holiday 5k