Personal Coaching (Triathlon and Single Sport)



Benefits of personal coaching:

  • A fully customized training plan that will fit into the framework of your everyday life, reduce your chances of injury, help you achieve your goals, and have a whole lot of fun!
  • Daily training plan that includes swim, bike, run, strength and cross training workouts delivered to you via Training Peaks
  • Analysis of key performance metrics and what they mean for you
  • Initial consultation as well as up to 2 strategy meetings per month
  • Race day preparation and advice
  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition advice
  • Form and gate analysis
  • Gear advice
  • Unlimited questions via phone, email and training peaks

Cost of personal coaching:

  • Triathlon coaching: $250 per month*
  • Single sport coaching: $150 per month*
  • One-time start-up fee: $150
    *Save $50 per month with a 12-month commitment

12 month commitment:

  • $200 per month for triathlon coaching, $100 per month for single sport
  • A cancellation fee of $50 per remaining month of contract will be automatically charged to the athletes if terminating contract early
  • If the athlete is injured, this contract can be paused for up to 3-months. Live Grit must be notified in writing of the injury.
  • By purchasing this service, the athlete agrees to all the terms and conditions listed above.

Additional information

Type of Coaching

Personal Triathlon Coaching (Month-to-Month), Personal Triathlon Coaching (Yearly), Single Sport Coaching (Month-to-Month), Single Sport Coaching (Yearly)