If you think about it, you’ve made countless decisions in your life. Becoming a Live Grit first-timer triathlete is just another good one, right?

Wait. Did we just hear an “uhh…”




Perhaps we should share some high-level decisions our first-timers have faced:

Will I get into this wetsuit? (eventually.)

How will I get out of this wetsuit? (faster than getting into it.)

Will I have to pee at weird times? (yep.)

Please don’t let me barf. (you might.)

Will I have a “T-back tan” all summer? (it’s a rite of passage.)

Will I sink to the bottom of the pool/lake/ocean? (not a chance.)

My friends and family will be there. What if I whiff? (they and we still love you.)


Here are a few more first-timer “challenges” for you:

People of every age, size and color will share your fears, questions and successes

Being part of a positive, consistently supportive group with powerful stories

Physical and mental stamina you didn’t know existed

Learning about three sports and what equipment works best for you

High-quality friendships that last far beyond race season

Knowledgeable, encouraging coaches who push your potential week in and out

Spontaneous road trips to cheer on fellow racers

Our first-timer triathlon programs have a way of making you a stronger athlete. That “HELL YES” attitude will naturally improve other parts of your life, and you will inspire others to follow your lead.

Leon’s Triathlon is June 2. Chicago Triathlon is August 25. Looks like you have a decision to make. And, you can do it with us through one of our First Timers' Programs. Want to learn more? Join us for a Triathlon 101 clinic on January 19 at 1pm. Learn more here.

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